The 188 Foundation is a direct philanthropy alliance formed by our generous donors, Concentric’s elite network, an innate capability, and our carefully curated partners. The Foundation sits within a unique trifurcation of capability, access, and need. Due to our unique position, we believe it’s our moral responsibility and honor to assist those who need it most. Rescuing just one person creates perpetual ripples, affecting many. We inherently know that effort will always be worth it.

When our donors commit to supporting 188, their donation is directly tied to a mission. Within days, we can provide faces of those rescued by our donor’s funds. We use less than 1% of our donations on overhead. When donations exceed rescue operations, we identify pivotal partners and enable their operations through financial support. We understand our capability is a very specific and unique part of humanitarian relief and are careful to consider, support, and respect what comes before and after our efforts.

We believe security is paramount. In times of crisis, personal security can become a privilege, instead of a right. For those individuals left vulnerable due to circumstance or as a result of profound action, we can enable their return to safety.

Our Story

188 comes from the number of Afghan citizens manifested on our chartered flight out of Afghanistan in August of 2021. Our flight was the last civilian plane to leave Afghanistan before the US military redeployed. Once the plane landed in its layover in Abu Dhabi, we learned the flight had 362 personnel on board, with citizens, crew, and local officials taking advantage of the last opportunity to get out their family and friends. Our tie to the 188 in our Foundation name winks at the idea of numerical accuracy in a crisis.

At Concentric, our team is made up of prior service members, government servants, and non-profit enablers that have personal and direct ties around the world. When the fall of Afghanistan became imminent in August of 2021, it was personal to many of us. We knew that we should–and could–assist in the larger response, and are proud of what small contribution we were able to make to the larger efforts. This event was the culmination of years of knowing there was a space for the private sector in these world wide events through a philanthropic solution. Our ethics and values are part of the DNA of Concentric; it’s what retains our talent, attracts our clients, and leads the security industry. We know we can make a difference, so we have decided to do just that.

As Roderick Jones, our founder, said “inherently American is the tendency to choose action in the face of crisis instead of passively admiring the problem.” After Afghanistan, we decided to establish The 188 Foundation in anticipation of more opportunities when we could inevitably offer direct philanthropy.

Current & Past Efforts

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Ukraine 2022

When Russia invaded Ukraine in February of 2022, our first rescue operation was within days of the initial invasion and, to date (operations are continuing), we have conducted 37 unique rescue operations from throughout Ukraine to neighboring countries resulting in the evacuation of 66 people, 5 dogs, 2 cats and various logistical deliveries such as medicinal supplies, SAT phones, pallets of food, and solar panels. In addition, we have supported 6 Ukrainian organizations such as a Women’s shelter in Lviv, a food bank in Kyiv, an education program for displaced children in Prague, and a support center to assist unemployed citizens due to displacements.
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Afghanistan 2021

Starting at the end of August in 2021 and for 10 days of 24/7 operations, we ran a comprehensive humanitarian evacuation across Afghanistan from Western Herat, through Kabul, and up to the northern city of Mazar-e-Sharif, moving people through Taliban-controlled checkpoints, towns, and airports, constantly evolving the evacuation plan based on diplomatic clearances, enemy presence, and partner access points. We collated journalists, health workers, US enablers, and others from across the country, learning about the individuals from contacts around the world, who were at high risk. The manifest number of 188 was pivotal as we acquired visas from countries willing to take them as refugees, in the midst of the COVID-19 global pandemic. In the end, our group touched down in Mexico City, 40 hours after leaving Afghanistan, where they were provided safe passage and diplomatic status by the Mexican Government.

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