2024 Summer Olympics: Are you Ready?

Paris 2024 Summer Olympics Security
March 22, 2024


With the summer Olympics quickly approaching, are you and your business ready for the games? Are you planning any travel to Paris for you or your team, or visiting any nearby areas during the ceremonies? If so, Concentric’s team of intelligence analysts and protective operations specialists can help.

As you prepare for the Games, Concentric advises travelers to become familiar with security procedures, in and around Paris. According to Concentric’s Chief Security Officer Jim Morgan, travelers should expect enhanced security screenings, not only at Olympic venues, but at airports, train stations and other areas that have large gatherings of travelers. 

Opening Olympics Ceremonies Highlight Breadth of Security Challenges

Security concerns are already top of mind for French and international officials as final preparations for the Games take shape. On March 5, French authorities capped the number of attendees for the opening ceremonies–the first to be held outside of a stadium–along the Seine River at 325,000 due to potential security risks. According to French Interior Minister Gerald Darmanin, “for security reasons that everyone understands, notably the terrorist threat of recent weeks, we are obliged to make it free but contained.”

  • Up to 104,000 spectators can pay for a ticket on the lower bank of the river to watch the ceremonies, and free tickets will be given away to 222,000 spectators on the higher banks. Visitors and residents can also watch the ceremony from many “fan zones” around the city. More than 50,000 visitors are expected for the opening ceremonies alone–many of whom are likely to be visiting from the U.S.
  • In January, Olympic organizers said during the opening ceremonies there will be roughly 2,000 private security guards in the seating venues closest to the Seine River and about 45,000 security forces on the outer perimeter–15 times the number of Paris police typically deployed for the entire Paris historical district. French President Emmanuel Macron also said there is a “Plan B, a Plan C” in the face of elevated security risks. 
  • For the remainder of the Games, 15,000 French soldiers are anticipated to provide security in Paris, as well as surveillance drones and AWACS aircraft (Airborne Warning and Control System). A temporary military camp for 5,000 troops will also be set up in a park southeast of the capital. Tens of thousands of police officers and private security staff are also being deployed, and new French legislation allowed the temporary use of cameras combined with artificial intelligence software to scan for security issues. International police and security services, including from the U.K., are also expected to provide additional security support during the Games.  

Know Before You Go

Concentric also recommends travelers maintain awareness of the following operational consideration while attending the Olympics or if you have travel near the Games in July and August:

Protests and Civil Unrest:

Concentric recommends avoiding protest activity as peaceful demonstrations can rapidly turn violent. Demonstrations are common in France. In recent months, farmers have rallied against rising costs, taxes, environmental rules, and competition from cheaper food imports; and protestors on both sides of the war between Israel and Hamas have demonstrated throughout the country despite the government’s ban on pro-Palestine demonstrations. The Olympics could be used as a high profile rallying cry for demonstrators regarding these issues, as well as any other hot button topics that might arise in the next few months 

Cyber Risks:

Concentric recommends travelers use secure servers or secure personal hotspots instead of public Wi-Fi connections. Cyberattacks, particularly those from Russia and Iran, are also possible during the Games, and the French Prime Minister’s office stated in mid-March several state bodies have already been targeted by cyberattacks. Cybercrime is common and Wi-Fi hotspots are often compromised by hackers to intercept communications or gain control of the connecting device. France is one of the top countries in Europe affected by phishing attempts and stalkerware. 


Travelers should be aware of their surroundings at all times and report any suspicious activity to local authorities. Terrorist groups have launched several high profile attacks in France in recent years, notably the Islamic State terrorist attacks in 2015 at the Bataclan theater and France’s national stadium which killed 130 people. The U.S. Department of State (DoS) issued a terrorism warning for travel to France and a nationwide security alert system was upgraded to the highest level of “Emergency Attack” on October 13 following an attack in Arras in which a man of Chechen origin reportedly stabbed a teacher to death and wounded three other people.


Travelers should be prepared for potential evacuation if an emergency situation arises. According to Mr. Morgan, travelers should have an emergency preparedness plan. This includes being aware of evacuation routes, family and friends assembly areas, and providing emergency contact information to the U.S. Embassy and Consulate in the event of an incident.    

Enhanced Crowds Throughout the Region:

Travelers should be prepared for large crowds both in Paris and in surrounding regions during the Games and have all travel plans secured before departure. Mr. Morgan encourages all travelers to utilize official transportation where possible. App-based transportation and other “non-official” transportation lends itself to scams and other possible dangers. 

The digital marketing platform, Sojern, reports flight bookings as well as searches by travelers based in the U.S. to Paris during the same period of the Games is up 125 percent compared to the same travel period last year. In addition, bookings by Paris residents during the Games to other parts of France are up 49 percent compared to the same period last year, with many residents looking to flee the city as tourists move in, with locations such as Lille, Nice, Corsica, Lyon, and Toulouse at the top of their search locations. 

Concentric Can Help

Concentric’s team of security professionals is standing by ready to help you as you make crucial decisions regarding travel and security preparations for the upcoming Olympics. As you consider arrangements for the Games in the coming months, Concentric can work with you to provide: 

  • Travel Risk Assessments for any planned areas of travel;
  • Active Monitoring services to track activities within and near any specific travel locations;
  • Analysis and Trends reports before and during the Olympics to help you track and understand key security trends and their impacts on your business and travel;
  • Executive Protection support, to include evacuation assistance;

And Cyber Services to help keep you, your family, and your team safe during the Games.

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