Concentric’s 2024 Election Intelligence Support

Election Intelligence Support
March 7, 2024


With the presidential election on the horizon and many state and local governments taking steps to identify and protect against threats, Concentric’s intelligence team understands the risks and is here to help. We will be following developments regarding the upcoming presidential election closely and are here to help you mitigate any election-related developments that might impact you, your business, and your family. 

Concentric’s analysts are tracking campaign updates and trends; possible threats to candidates and their supporters, as well as state and local governments and campaign events; and potential protests and demonstrations. Our team is also following worldwide elections, as more than 50 countries are holding elections this year, comprising roughly half of the world’s population. 

Our services include active monitoring support to track and alert for any negative or threatening online mentions and narratives involving the election, as well as periodic reporting detailing election trends and any impacts on your family or business. We can also provide a variety of risk assessments that highlight the election’s potential impact on your upcoming travel and events. 

Please reach out to Concentric for additional information and support.

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