Concentric’s 2024 Elections Support

Election Support
December 17, 2023


As the election season begins to ramp up, Concentric is here to help as you navigate the election’s potential impact on you and your business. Although U.S. presidential elections historically have limited impact on financial markets, voters and businesses remain concerned about the 2024 presidential election’s impacts on their corporations and investments. 

  • According to recent polls, nearly one in three investors (32 percent) perceive the U.S. economy will plunge into a recession within 12 months if the political party they are unaffiliated with gains more power in the election. 
  • The same percentage, approximately 31 percent, worry the party they least align with will negatively impact their future if they gain more power after the election. Thirty-one percent also judge their taxes will increase within 12 months following the election. 

Over the next several months we are likely to see additional messaging and campaign ads that portray the worst case scenarios for the economy and corporations. We are also witnessing leading candidates lash out against high-net-worth individuals and their corporations by name online and in the media in recent weeks. For example, JPMorgan CEO Jamie Dimon was called an “overrated globalist” by former President Trump due to Mr. Dimon’s support of Nikki Haley in the Republican primary.

In this heightened environment, you might grow concerned about any negative commentary or potential threats against you, your family, and your businesses, as well as the impact of election trends and developments. To help you overcome any upcoming uncertainty surrounding the election, Concentric provides: 

  • Active monitoring services to track any mentions of yourself, your family, or your business to alert you of any changes, reputational risks, or security concerns;
  • Regular Analysis and Trends reports which can alert you of emerging threats and trends; 
  • Travel and event risk assessments, particularly if you are attending or affiliated with anything political or election-related;
  • Eclipse by Concentric scrubs personal identifiable information from the internet and alerts you of anything suspicious;
  • Executive Protection agents that accompany you during high-risk events and travel.

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