Employee Spotlight: Rachel Brooks

September 12, 2022


What is a typical day for you like at Concentric?

Each day is different, but my day typically starts with editing daily deliverables for a colleague on the east coast. Depending on the week, I then spend time authoring a variety of long-form deliverables, including threat assessments, travel risk assessments, and periodic reports. I lead intelligence products for our corporate team’s largest client, and my deliverables span topics including far-right extremism and anti-vaccination conspiracy theories to maritime operations and aviation security. I periodically receive special requests to author short-form reports on protest activity, investigations, or other quick turnaround topics. I enjoy the variety. 

Outside of my client deliverables, I am working on creating and co-instructing a writing and editing training course and taking part in our Green Security team to support decarbonization efforts.  


How long have you been at Concentric and what part of your job do you find most fulfilling?

I joined Concentric in June 2021. I started in our Global Security Operations Center (GSOC) for a few months before moving to the Global Intelligence team. I became an Intelligence Analyst in September 2021, so this month marks an excellent first year in the role. 

I find the constant innovation and iterative improvements incredibly fulfilling. We strive to make each product better than the last. I am able to continually improve my analytical tradecraft, and I am proud of the work we do to keep people safe worldwide. I appreciate having frequent opportunities to write products evaluating global travel risks, such as political instability, terrorism, and natural hazards, and supporting philanthropic initiatives. 

Playing a small role in supporting the 188 Foundation’s Afghanistan evacuations last summer during my time in the GSOC was personally meaningful. I wrote twice-per-shift situation reports tracking freedom of movement and security situation changes for senior leadership. The leadership team’s tremendous undertaking to help people in need was inspiring, and I knew I made a wise decision to join the Concentric team. 


What is your educational and professional background before joining Concentric?

Before joining Concentric, I served as a Peace Fellow with Rotary International in England and the Program Manager for a cross-sector research center at Dartmouth’s Tuck School of Business. I also spent two years teaching high school English as a U.S. Department of State Fulbright Program Grantee on Jeju Island, South Korea. 

I earned my master’s degree in international relations and security from England’s University of Bradford while analyzing information warfare trends with U.S. Army Cyber Command’s Virtual Student Federal Service. My dissertation assessed foreign online disinformation campaigns targeting democracies. I received my bachelor’s degree in public policy with interdisciplinary honors from William & Mary. 


What do you enjoy doing when you’re not working?

I enjoy cooking, gardening, and exploring nature. This summer, I have been taking swim lessons and hiking trails around western Washington. I also love language classes and creative outlets, including cartooning and writing humor. The pandemic also spurred new hobbies, such as making homemade ice cream, pickled vegetables, and kombucha. 


What are you most looking forward to over the next year?

I am excited to pursue some personal goals, including taking a women’s self-defense course, studying more German, and continuing to explore the Pacific Northwest. I am keen to visit Mount Rainier National Park and more of the Cascade Mountains. Portland, Vancouver, and Tillamook Cheese Factory are also on my list! 

Professionally, I am eager to continue growing as an analyst and honing my leadership skills. I am excited to attend the Association of International Risk Intelligence Professionals (AIRIP) Global Intelligence Forum this fall and continue to grow my volunteer board experience on the Pacific Coast Analyst Roundtable (PCAR) board.

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