Employee Spotlight: Reilly Andreasen

December 17, 2021


What is a typical day for you like at Concentric?

At Concentric, I feel like my “typical day” changes every couple of months as we respond to new needs and new challenges! With my current project, I dive deep into the weeds of the internet each morning looking for any threats against our clients. I’ll often spend the majority of my day using both manual methods and specialized software to explore social media and the deep and dark web. The nature of my project is deeply rooted in the online ecosystem of domestic extremists, and I am constantly on the lookout for new accounts, new platforms, and new podcasts where nefarious actors might be lurking. I write a daily analysis report for our clients based on my findings and am in constant communication with them as we navigate their changing risk environment. Recently, our clients had a large, high-profile event, and I had the added opportunity to coordinate with their on-the-ground security teams and respond to rapid-fire intelligence needs. There truly is rarely a dull moment!


How long have you been at Concentric and what part of your job do you find most fulfilling?

I’ve been working at Concentric for a little over a year, first as a contractor and later as a fully onboarded team member. Throughout that time, there has been so much that I have come to love about the work I do, including working alongside a very talented and passionate team. One thing that I find particularly fulfilling is being able to put on my detective hat and solve the little mysteries that inevitably pop up. It’s exciting to be able to collect several puzzle pieces from various sources and figure out how they all come together. That “eureka” moment is so satisfying! I have also been very fulfilled by the philanthropic and non-profit work that we are able to support at Concentric. I am fortunate that my current project includes a significant activism component, and I am able to contribute directly to it by passing on important information that I come across during my day. 


What is your educational and professional background before joining Concentric?

I came to Concentric directly out of my Master’s program at The Bush School of Government and Public Service at Texas A&M. I earned my graduate degree in International Affairs with the ultimate goal to become an intelligence analyst, but I also studied international development as a side passion. Previous to that, I received my Bachelor’s degree in Political Science from Brigham Young University. I also had a variety of internships and research positions throughout my schooling, including an internship with the U.S. military at Northern Command and with a D.C.-based think tank where I monitored extremist groups in French-speaking West Africa. 


What do you enjoy doing when you’re not working?

Over the past two years, I have really come to enjoy learning how to bake! Having grown up in the Mountain West, I also enjoy hiking, camping, skiing, and just soaking up some fresh mountain air.  I love reading, visiting my nieces and nephews, listening to podcasts, and dancing whenever I can!

What are you most looking forward to over the next year?

I am so eager to start traveling again! There are too many beautiful places in this world that I am dying to visit. I am also excited about several projects that our team has in the works. Intelligence is such a fun field because it constantly evolves and adapts, and I am looking forward to developing new ways to better understand the world around us.


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