Employee Spotlight: Terry Whitney

September 5, 2023


What is a typical day for you like at Concentric?

As the security training and compliance officer, my role involves two distinct responsibilities.  A typical day could include anything from developing training materials, facilitating training, reviewing the status of employee guard licenses, CPR certification, firearms certificate, etc. I also oversee the management of private security licenses that the company needs in order to operate in the various states we conduct business. Finally, I provide account management for our embedded employees we have supporting one of the company’s clients. This is a nice aspect of my job, as it allows me to get away from the desk and work with people directly.

How long have you been at Concentric and what part of your job do you find most fulfilling?

I have been with Concentric since the start of January 2022. The most fulfilling part of my job is being able to work with the impressive array of people at the company. My colleagues have these amazing backgrounds that each of them bring from law enforcement, the military, and government. Having always worked in the academic and corporate sectors, learning from their experiences and understanding different perspectives continues to be rewarding both personally and professionally.

What is your educational and professional background before joining Concentric?

It’s been a long and winding journey. My undergraduate degree was in engineering, but I soon realized that wasn’t my professional calling. So when I had an opportunity to teach an evening class at a local technical college, I so enjoyed working with the students, that I went back to school and got my teaching certificate. I then taught for several years in both public and private schools before taking a training position in the corporate world. That led to becoming involved in operations and eventually security operations, ultimately leading to my last position managing Microsoft’s Global Security Operations Center (GSOC) in Redmond before joining Concentric.

What do you enjoy doing when you’re not working?

When not working, I enjoy the very things that draw people to the pacific northwest…hiking in the mountains and exploring the ocean beaches, especially out on the Olympic peninsula. Hockey has also been a big part of my life, although having said that, I do find more and more time these days seem to involve golf courses and wineries. ????

What are you most looking forward to over the next year?

Over the next year, I’m looking forward to the continued growth of the company’s training program, where we will be offering more advanced training opportunities. This includes new certification programs and digital credentialing that will allow our employees to develop their skills and knowledge further, and then share their accomplishments on Linkedin and other social media. Additionally, the growth in our embedded program continues to offer some exciting opportunities to provide added employee support in the areas of coaching and mentoring.

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