First Presidential Debate Marks Kick Off to Election Season

2024 Presidential Debate
June 25, 2024


The first presidential debate on Thursday, June 27th, between Joe Biden and Donald Trump represents a notable departure from their previous encounters, highlighting a new landscape of issues dominating the 2024 campaign. Unlike their last debate amid the COVID-19 pandemic and Trump’s presidency, this rematch features Biden defending his record while Trump critiques it, focusing on contrasting themes such as global instability, economic challenges, and perceptions of presidential competence. Both candidates are employing aggressive messaging through advertisements and public statements, aiming to reshape public perceptions amidst a backdrop of significant global and domestic challenges, including economic inflation and constitutional disputes. This debate is poised to influence public opinion and set the tone for the remainder of the election season.

Thursday’s debate will also mark the unofficial kickoff to the campaign season and is likely to heighten public attention surrounding election issues, particularly from independent and undecided voters. We assess increased focus on the November election will lead to additional scrutiny of individuals perceived to be politically influential through their connections or financial contributions, particularly if they publish their views on the debate or publicly endorse a candidate. 

  • Prominent political donors are likely to face heightened criticism and negative rhetoric from social media users in an effort to cause them reputational damage; threat actors may also seek to expose donors’ personal identifiable information in retaliation to their financial support. 
  • We further assess public interest will lead to an increase in the prevalence of misinformation and disinformation campaigns used to shape public opinion. 

How Can Concentric Help?

Concentric’s team of intelligence analysts and security professionals are monitoring the election and the impact of events in the electoral cycle, including this week’s debate. Our personnel have decades of experience and our team of experts can assist you with any of your security needs. 

  • Eclipse by Concentric™ can scrub sensitive personal identifiable information from tracking websites which can be used to target high-net-worth individuals, their family, and their staff;
  • Active monitoring to track any mentions of yourself, your family, or your business to alert you of any threats or reputational risks;
  • Travel and event risk assessments, particularly if affiliated with anything political or election-related; 
  • Analysis and Trends reports which can alert you of emerging threats and risks;
  • Executive protection agents can protect high-net-worth clients during high-risk political events and travel.  

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