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May 11, 2022


Benefits of having a 24/7/365 Global Security Operations Center for both client and corporate support

Since its formation in 2019, Concentric’s 24/7 Global Security Operations Center (GSOC) has become an integral part in day-to-day operations and in supporting our clients intelligence and operational needs. Our GSOC is a company hub that allows our team to provide around-the-clock monitoring and incident response, 365 days a year. 24/7 Security Operations Centers have many benefits, both to companies and clients.


Continuous Protection

Having a GSOC that operates 24/7/365 allows for continuous communication monitoring, incident response, and fast stand-ups of incoming client requests. Staffing an operations center ensures that clients are supported overnight, on weekends, and holidays. No matter when a crisis occurs, we want to make sure a member of our highly-qualified team can be there to assist your needs.

Quick Response Times

Whether it is responding to clients traveling to different time zones, communication during trips abroad, or responding to emergencies on nights and weekends, the Security Operations Center always ensures timely response to client needs.

Security Operations Support

Supporting clients’ global travel needs is the quintessential function of a GSOC. Within Concentric’s GSOC, all specialists are able to coordinate these assignments to make certain the traveler has the correct vehicle, executive protection agents, and any other requested accommodations.   

Operational Risk Analysis

An operations center is equipped with the tools to analyze a region, country, or city that a traveler wishes to visit to provide them with the most accurate information about the threats associated with the particular area. The reports created from the team’s searches typically feature areas to avoid, crime rates, planned protests, and other obstacles that could cause disruptions or delays while traveling. 

Intelligence Collection and Reporting

In order to keep clients safe, consistent threat hunting via open source searches and deep and dark web monitoring ensures that high-risk potential threats and negative sentiment are discovered and escalated to the clients’ attention in a timely manner. 

If a detected threat is deemed non imminent, it will be included in a report disseminated to the client on a weekly, monthly, or quarterly basis depending on needs.

In the event a threat is deemed imminent and serious, our GSOC will escalate these findings to the appropriate internal and external entities. The team will then closely observe the account or individual over the following days for any repeated threats, verbiage, or similar sentiments before determining the next course of action. 

COVID-19 Restriction Updates

With COVID-19 restrictions changing frequently, having an operations center that remains continuously apprised of restrictions on movement and travel is an asset for both corporate employee and clientele travel. These sweeps are performed frequently to provide the most up-to-date information with ever evolving and changing pandemic policies. 


Concentric’s GSOC regularly performs investigations for clients, ranging from Name Trace’s including identity confirmation and background checks, to in-depth analysis of businesses and associated parties through Vendor Due Diligence reports. 

The aforementioned individuals are typically Persons of Interest who either pose an active threat to the client, or are fixated on them or their family members. Our team monitors open-source information and social media engagement for changes in rhetoric or behavior that might indicate an increasing threat. 

Centralized Visibility on Client Impact

Having a GSOC at the center of the company has the benefit of visibility on services being provided, risk indicators and trends, and projects impacting all clients and corporate stakeholders. Communication both into and out of the GSOC is a crucial part of making connections and providing high quality professional services. 

For more information on how Concentric’s GSOC can support you, please visit our website, and reach out to let us know how we can help keep you safe and secure.



Hannah Kenneally, Concentric’s GSOC Team Manager

Cale Woyvodich, Concentric’s Security Operations Coordinator

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