Holiday Travel During Covid 19

November 17, 2020


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We, at Concentric Advisors, certainly would not want to advise you on whether or not to travel this holiday season; we defer to the medical experts and the CDC, as the decision ultimately comes down to personal risk appetite. However, for those who have decided the travel reward is worth the risk, we do want to assist you doing so in a safe manner, both physically and virtually.


How do you do it safely?

COVID-era safety precautions do not stop at N95 masks, hand sanitizers, and anti-bacterial wipes. Now, more than ever, we recommend prioritizing securing what is important to you. We take a holistic approach to preparing you for any upcoming holiday travel. Are you heading to a new location where you are unaware of the security environment? Or maybe a tried-and-true location where you just haven’t been since COVID hit and are wondering if anything has changed? What are your security plans for what you leave behind? When was the last time you had a professional analyze your online presence? Allow us to address these concerns.


Before you travel

Consider having us conduct a travel assessment to provide insights into any risks that might impact your upcoming trip. Our assessments deliver insight into terrorism and violence, political instability, crime, cyber risks, and operational risks. We take current COVID precautions into account, as well as specify emergency contacts at the location. Our unique expertise helping Fortune 500 companies reopen global offices empowers us to make critical judgements about location conditions, including travel restrictions, trend analysis, and in-country healthcare capabilities.

Also consider utilizing Concentric | 360, our concierge personally identifiable information (PII) management service to scrub of your online presence and remove any unwanted exposure. Online data can be easily misused by criminals or adversaries. We help our clients remove all kinds of unwanted information from residential addresses, phone numbers, emails, and accounts, to LLCs that can be linked back to travel plans. Let us ensure your information is adequately protected and inaccessible prior to your travel. Sign up for Concentric | 360 and get additional digital travel tips to ensure you remain anonymous.


What you leave behind

The due diligence security of your home and office should not stop in your absence. Allow us to conduct a physical security assessment to identify any potential vulnerabilities in your camera coverage, security barriers, locks, sensors, and/or alarm systems. We can assist you in installing and upgrading your security systems as well as train staff and family members on personal security practices.


While you travel

Concentric Advisor’s personalized approach means we work with our clients to ensure they are safe, enabling their full enjoyment of travel. Whether we provide you with Executive Protective Agents to conduct in person or remote physical support throughout your travel or secure drivers to assist with your secure and efficient transportation needs, we have the right combinations of services to make your travel safe, easy, and convenient. Our agents are top-tier and have safeguarded some of the most well-known and influential executives, celebrities, athletes, politicians, and tech founders in the world.

Additionally, we can support you through our Global Security Operations Center (GSOC) which is a 24/7 intelligence monitoring service that scans both the open web as well as the deep dark web. Our GSOC can quickly alert you when something important is going on or monitor your travel to ensure efficient updates to the current operating environment.

If you decide to forgo the full-time executive protection team, utilizing our Overwatch program will provide you an industry-leading safety, security, and support service that is a virtual safety net anywhere in the world. The program uses cutting-edge technology to continuously track and monitor the security environment around our clients and our GSOC specialists can reach out to your directly, through the app, in order to provide real-time alerts and help triage any emergency situations. In the event of a crisis, our specialists will immediately engage our world-wide resources to provide emergency support or air evacuation services from wherever you may be.


Contact us. We are here to manage your risk everywhere and keep you safe.


Ultimately, this holiday travel season will look differently than years past. Allow us to assist you in this new environment and keep you secure through a tailored security approach based on your unique requirements. Let us be your flexible, responsible, and informed partner wherever your travels may take you.

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