Israel-Hamas Conflict Report | October 12, 2023

Israel Hamas Conflict Global Security
October 12, 2023



We anticipate the Israel-Gaza war will continue to intensify and is likely to spread across the region, particularly as Israel is poised for a ground assault against Hamas, and a humanitarian crisis unfolds in Gaza. The Israeli military continues airstrikes against Hamas targets in Gaza, as well as reportedly targeting airports in Syria, and is building up its staging operations near the border with Gaza. 

  • As of writing, Israel reports more than 1,200 Israelis were killed in attacks over the weekend, and according to the Palestinian Ministry of Health, more than 1,400 people have been killed in Gaza. Upwards of 25 U.S. citizens were killed in the crisis and at least 17 are unaccounted for, some likely are hostages of Hamas. Hamas is expected to hold more than 150 hostages in Gaza, which are likely underground in Hamas’ vast tunnel network.
  • U.S. Secretary of State Blinken arrived in the region today and met with Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu–he is expected to meet with Palestinian President Abbas during his visit. The U.S. is providing military assistance to Israel and members of Congress are crafting a $2 billion aid package to support Israel’s war against Hamas.
  • According to the Israeli Energy Minister, Gaza will not be provided with any electricity, fuel, or water until Israeli hostages are returned home. The health infrastructure in Gaza is also close to its breaking point and cannot accept additional patients.
  • Saudi Arabia is “exerting maximum effort” to prevent an escalation of the conflict, Crown Prince Mohammad bin Salman told the Iranian President in a phone call on Wednesday, according to Saudi media reports. Iran continues to deny any involvement in Saturday’s attack against Israel, and today, Iran’s foreign minister accused Israel of seeking “genocide” by forcing a siege against Gaza, according to Iranian state TV.
  • The former leader of Hamas called on Muslims to stage global demonstrations in support of Palestinians on Friday, and urged Arabs in neighboring countries to take up arms against Israel, stating “this is a moment for the application [of jihad].”


Cyber attacks are continuing and almost certainly will have a lasting impact on businesses worldwide. Several politically unaffiliated but financially motivated hacking groups are also offering their hacking tools to the highest bidder, with attacks aimed at crippling critical infrastructure. 

  • Anonymous Sudan is reportedly discussing ways to compromise Israel’s Iron Dome air defense system on their Telegram channel.
  • Israel’s concentration of cutting-edge cybersecurity companies is likely to give them a significant advantage in cyber warfare operations. This is evident with the significant decline in internet connectivity in Gaza as a direct result of Israel’s cyber counteroffensive.


We continue to urge anyone with business interests in Israel and the surrounding regions to exercise extreme caution while events remain fluid, and to consider postponing any upcoming travel. Residents of and visitors to major cities around the world should also remain vigilant tomorrow due to Hamas’ calls for protests against Israel’s actions. 

  • Given the unfolding events in Israel, and Hamas’ calls for protests tomorrow, we urge those in and around major U.S. cities to avoid all demonstrations and maintain awareness of their surroundings. Many U.S. cities are at a high risk for terrorist attacks, and the Department of Homeland Security reported the United States remains in a heightened terrorist threat environment.
    • In the event of a terrorist attack or no-notice event, we advise travelers to listen to emergency officials for instructions and report anything out of the ordinary.
  • We continue to recommend delaying travel in and around Israel, including to Egypt, Lebanon, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, and other portions of the Gulf as nearby countries almost certainly will be drawn further into the unfolding conflict.
    • Many international airlines, including U.S. carriers, have suspended travel to and from Israel. Cruise and yacht operators also announced they would adjust itineraries in the region and would not be making calls to ports near Israel.
  • Anyone traveling throughout the Middle East should remain cautious, as sporadic protests are possible, and travel in and out of the region might be significantly delayed or disrupted.
    • The former Hamas chief specifically called on citizens and government officials in Jordan, Syria, Lebanon and Egypt to “head to the squares and streets on Friday.” 
  • We urge all travelers to remain vigilant as they might be targeted by individuals with perceived grievances regarding the current situation. 
  • We encourage all businesses–particularly tech companies, those with oil interests, and others in other energy related sectors–to keep a watchful eye on the unfolding crisis. The International Monetary Fund managing director announced today they are monitoring how the situation evolves, particularly on “oil markets.” She noted there is a “new cloud” darkening the world’s economic outlook. 
  • We recommend companies based in Israel to continue taking steps to protect their businesses and employees. Corporations should consider evacuating staff from offices inside Israel or ask employees to work from home. 


If you or your business needs help in or around Israel, please reach out to Concentric’s experts for support. Concentric can provide:

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  • Cybersecurity and digital privacy protection. 

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