Leveraging Embedded Programs to Augment Your Team (An Intro to Contract Staffing)

Leveraging Embedded Programs
March 29, 2023


Embedded services are a popular option for businesses of every size who need customized solutions, specialized support or expertise to address unique challenges, threats, or areas of need. These services involve the deployment of dedicated professionals who work as full-time team members, integrating with and augmenting a client’s existing staff or infrastructure. The staffing provider assumes the administrative requirements for the contract employees, including recruiting, vetting, payroll and benefits, while the client maintains operational oversight. This staffing arrangement allows clients the freedom to focus on the things that matter most to them.

At our core, Concentric is a risk management company. We offer services across the security spectrum including expertise in physical security, close protection, open-source and threat-based intelligence, business continuity, and estate operations and management. Our employees specialize in identifying, assessing and mitigating risk to high net-worth individuals, family offices, and corporate clients.


But what does the embedded program at Concentric look like?

It starts with a conversation. We work with clients to identify risks and shortcomings which could be mitigated or remedied through the hiring of embedded staff. These initial conversations help inform and shape the type and number of staff, skill sets, or expertise required to best meet the needs of the client. Once an initial scope is decided, our team gets to work hiring the best individuals for the role- we leverage our diverse and expansive networks to recruit and onboard candidates that match the clients organizational and cultural needs; candidates are then fully vetted and cleared through our thorough background investigation process, ultimately positioning them to blend seamlessly with the teams they support. Once onboarded, they provide dedicated coverage to the client or their team. Concentric’s embedded program supports the rest of the employee lifecycle through regular engagement with employees, providing mentorship and guidance regarding career development and advancement, training opportunities to help build hard and soft skills, and performance feedback. A responsive human resources team, attentive and accessible senior company leadership, the ability to reach back to other corporate teams for assistance when needed, and a benefits package that’s rated in the top 10% of the industry help round out the employee experience. Our employees and clients aren’t just a number, and we strive to keep both happy and satisfied. 

Our team and employees are committed to our core values, leading the way in our industry to minimize our environmental footprint, and leaning in to grow and develop risk professionals who bring diverse ideas and creativity to those we protect. We shine as a company in our ability to deliver flexibly, curate and personalize support based on the needs of our clients, and as a mid-sized company, have the benefit of being large enough to recruit and retain some of the most talented individuals in our industry, while staffing and scaling our programs with our clients as they themselves grow and evolve. We are key enablers and partners, solving programmatic needs through embedded expertise so our clients can have peace of mind and confidence that the job will get done right, every time.

To find out more about Concentric’s embedded program contact embedded@concentric.io 

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