Periodic Reporting: Delivering need-to-know intelligence on your schedule

Periodic Reporting
June 22, 2023


Did you know Concentric offers periodic open source and deep and dark web (DDW) reports for family offices and corporate teams? The Global Intelligence team provides these reports based on clients’ preferred cadence, although our team is always willing to help clients determine what schedule best fits their unique risk profile and preferences. 

Each client brings different intelligence requirements, and we tailor individual services to best meet those needs. Our analysts become subject matter experts in areas ranging from ecommerce to cryptocurrency to venture capital. Analysis of industry trends helps us locate clients’ unique risk profiles in their industry, physical locations, and digital footprint. 

We know what works for one company, nonprofit, or individual might not work for another, and there is no blanket solution to security. Bespoke options make periodic reporting one of our most popular Global Intelligence services. 


Tailored approach to classic intelligence

Well-versed in boolean logic and investigations, our analysts leverage a combination of open source intelligence expertise, cutting-edge training, and industry-leading, web-scraping tools to create timely analysis on the threats facing clients. We give clients the opportunity to select what types of information are most important to them within their reports and adjust our services appropriately. For example, some clients are more concerned with open source mentions regarding their principal, principal’s family, or company, while others remain focused on DDW content. 


Below are periodic timelines we currently support across our portfolio of clients: 

  • Daily: These are well-suited for clients with a great deal of activity online and in the media. On a daily basis, the intelligence team can cover new threats, updates, and negative sentiment facing their principals from open source or DDW coverage. Dailies can include breaking new stories, tweets before they gain virality, or interesting low-risk mentions to keep on the client’s radar. 
  • Weekly: Other clients opt for weekly reports delivered on a consistent weekday schedule, which enable trend analysis regarding significant changes and their causes. 
  • Monthly: Another popular choice is the monthly report in which analysts review activity throughout the monthly reporting periods to package major trends into a report. The monthly report allows the Concentric team to open the aperture for greater trend analysis and high-risk or other notable activity. This report can also cover assets, such as private aircraft or watercraft, where the client wants to keep an eye on time and space predictability but does not require more regular intelligence. 
  • Quarterly: Some of our clients prefer a quarterly report, receiving four long-form deep-dive reports per calendar year. This report style delivers check-ins for busy clients to stay abreast of their threats without the frequency of our more regular options. 


Concentric is here to guide you with your product cadence selection. Our intelligence team will recommend a cadence and style based on activity around your company or family. The cadence of periodics is completely modifiable to what is happening now. Concentric remains flexible at every turn and can stand up short-term daily reports upon request during higher-risk times, including anticipated protests, travel, or breaking news. We are always forecasting threats to keep abreast of ongoing client needs and concerns.

Please reach out if we can support your team’s needs with periodic reporting. Whether you are looking for daily or quarterly touchpoints, Concentric has you covered. 


Author: Rachel Brooks, Intelligence Analyst, Global Intelligence 

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