Protecting Our Clients’ Right to Privacy: Concentric’s Red Team Exposure Analysis Report

Right to Privacy
February 16, 2023


Have you ever wondered how much of your private information is circulating on the internet? Or if your property assets can be connected directly to you? Concentric’s Red Team Exposure Analysis service can help you discover what is out there and how to handle it.

The Problem: Lack of Internet Privacy

Privacy is increasingly rare and challenging to maintain since the advent of the internet. There’s no single, comprehensive federal law regulating how most companies collect, store, or share customer data in the United States. Instead, our personally identifiable information (PII)–including home and email addresses, phone numbers, social security numbers and family connections–is a profitable commodity sold to advertisers, governments, and criminals. 

This phenomenon particularly impacts high-profile individuals and celebrities in the public spotlight. Not only is their information more exposed than ever, but a far wider audience is now paying attention and actively looking for it. Social media has also made it easier for people to inadvertently reveal dangerous details about themselves. New articles doxing, or leaking, the personal information of high-profile people are published every day. 

The internet contains large amounts of PII that can enable persons of interest (POIs) to gain a clear understanding of what assets their targets own. Anyone can now access most of these records online for free. Even using LLCs to conceal asset ownership isn’t always secure; a skilled researcher or journalist may be able to trace connections between LLCs and other legal entities back to the owner. This is one of the many ways high-profile individuals are linked to their private jets, helicopters, and yachts, which can be precisely tracked at any time throughout the world.

The Solution: Red Teaming & Exposure Analysis

Concentric’s Red Teaming service allows our clients to understand how much of their personal information is online and the risks it poses to themselves, their families, and their assets. 

The Concentric Global Intelligence team emulates a malicious actor with little to no information about a client to demonstrate what a dedicated POI can find online. Our team looks for exposure of names, addresses, phone numbers, associations, transportation vehicles, or other assets that would make our client more vulnerable to someone trying to make contact in the real world. 

We conduct extensive research using advanced open-source tools to highlight recurring connectors and enable our clients to see which areas need immediate attention. We also use data aggregators and comprehensive scraping tools to highlight information exposure across platforms on the deep and dark web, such as 4chan and Discord, and the surface web. 

Concentric’s Holistic Approach to Security

Concentric has helped families protect their online information for years, and our experienced personnel are well-equipped to eliminate any concerns around information leaks we discover during our Red Team investigation. These services are built around core Concentric strengths to keep you safe, which include:

  • A Holistic Approach: By combining the expertise of several teams, including cybersecurity, physical security, and open-source intelligence teams, Concentric protects your family and your information from multiple angles. Eclipse by Concentric scrubs personal identifiable information from data brokerage sites that sell it and provides solutions for ransomware. Concentric also provides close protection services to keep you and your family safe while at home, in the office, or on the road. 
  • Experience: Concentric understands the risk associated with leaked online information because of our experience in digital investigations and research. Having monitored extremist groups for years, Concentric is intimately familiar with preferred sources and tactics used to unveil personal information. Concentric uses that knowledge to check if your family is at risk.    
  • Relationships: Concentric provides tailored advice and services that match the unique needs and circumstances of your family. Whether your family needs a regular review of their digital footprint, physical security, or needs assistance removing information, Concentric is ready to help.

Author: Concentric’s Global Intelligence Team

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