Record Violence Impacting Mexico Ahead of Upcoming Elections and How to Stay Safe

Violence Mexico Election
May 17, 2024


Presidential and legislative elections will take place in Mexico on June 2, with more than 20,000 positions up for grabs, including the presidency and the governorships of nine states. The campaign season is off to a violent start, with more than 30 candidates assassinated in the past month. Most of the violence is centered on local races, as local gang members have killed several mayoral candidates in an effort to clear the field for their preferred picks, according to open source reporting. 

  • Candidates in Mexican states and towns including Cuautla, Acatzingo, Pihuamo, and Michoacan have been killed the past year. Mexican leaders have vowed swift prosecution and rolled out efforts to shield threatened candidates with armed escorts, but the violence is causing many contenders to drop out of their races as they fear for their lives. 
  • If you have upcoming travel or business interests in Mexico over the next month, we urge you to maintain vigilance and keep an eye on local news for any updates on election-related violence, demonstrations or travel disruptions. Travelers should avoid large crowds, protests and political sites. Visitors should remain in tourist sites and avoid local sectors whenever possible.  

How can Concentric Help?

Concentric’s team of intelligence analysts and security professionals are monitoring the situation in Mexico, particularly in the lead-up to the elections. Our personnel have decades of experience in the area, and our on the ground team of experts can assist you with any of your security needs. 

  • Intelligence Support: Our team of dedicated analysts can author periodic updates and travel risk assessments to help you expect the unexpected. 
  • Security Operations: Executive protection agents can protect high-net-worth clients, your business operations, and important events in Mexico and the surrounding areas. We can also provide on the ground advice and expertise when planning upcoming travel or future business opportunities.  
  • Security Consulting: Concentric’s Security Consulting services can provide risk assessments to identify potential vulnerabilities around physical locations, such as offices, homes, or factories in the region. 
  • Cyber Protection. Eclipse by Concentric™ can remove unwanted personal identifiable information from tracking websites which can be used to target high-net-worth individuals, their family, and their staff, including as you plan upcoming business and travel ventures in Mexico.

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