The Concentric Approach To Residential Security

June 18, 2020


Concentric provides holistic security services to our clients when they are at work, traveling, and at home. Our residential security services begin with a comprehensive risk assessment examining the threat landscape and vulnerabilities that are unique to each client. An in-depth analysis of the surrounding environment, historic incidents, and current trends provides a critical perspective, which informs the overall understanding of our client’s need. Once we have a complete picture of the environment and asset profile, the vulnerabilities become clear as we put ourselves in the shoes of those who want to cause harm and “think like a bad guy”. Following the assessment, we develop bespoke solutions integrating protective security policies, operations, technology, and secure staffing to ensure concentric rings of protection are not only effectively and efficiently leveraged, but are mutually reinforcing to enhance redundancy and overall resiliency.


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Program Development

Protective Security Program Design and Implementation

Our experts can develop all aspects of the specific site security management plan. We create standard operating procedures for access control and routine guarding activities as well as contingency and emergency response planning. If a protective security program is already in place we can conduct an audit reviewing the policies, implementation, and cost effectiveness. While we have access to an entire toolkit of physical and digital barriers, we use a soft-touch and will only recommend what you need to be safe and secure in a discreet manner.

Security Training for Staff

We believe that while there are many common solutions to security questions, each site requires its own tailored solution. We provide baseline security training to all staff as well as site specific training covering incidents ranging from active shooters to gas leaks. Our training is customized specific to your residence, access control devices, cameras, and infrastructure. There is no comprehensive “out-of-the-box” solution for your home and family.

Incident Management

Unfortunately, incidents happen even with the best security plans in place. Natural disasters, crime, and civil unrest can occur with little warning. Concentric uses AI enhanced tools to monitor your location for reports of incidents that may directly impact our clients. Depending on the scale and severity of an incident, our team may advise you to shelter in place, evacuate to a safe location, or in some severe cases, we can send a team of security agents to your location. We are with our clients in any capacity that is needed based on the situation at hand.

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Operations and Technology 

Covert Protection

While visible security agents are certainly a deterrence to nefarious actors, many of our clients want a more subtle approach. Concentric has agents specifically trained in covert surveillance who are able to blend in to an estate or neighborhood setting while still providing a security presence. These agents can be in a vehicle, standing at a gate, or patrolling on foot. Our agents are trained to identify individuals who are acting suspiciously, such as taking photos of gates, cameras, or vehicles. Our agents are former military or law enforcement professionals and operate with complete discretion. Our agents are close enough to help should you need them, but are not overbearing.

Persistent Monitoring

Concentric’s Global Security Operations Center (GSOC) specialists use a suite of specialized tools that allow us to gather real-time intelligence on crime, weather, natural disasters, and numerous other issues that have the potential to impact our clients. By leveraging AI enhanced tools, our specialists are able to monitor numerous events around the world simultaneously. Our team received instant notifications when reports of an incident begin to surface, and we often are aware of the impact to our clients long before traditional media sources begin to publish reports.

Security Technology

Through our physical security assessments we will provide effective and efficient technology solutions from access control to CCTV. All solutions address the root of the issue and are cost effective. The primary deterrent to criminal activity at a residence is secured doors and windows. While we utilize cutting-edge security to keep our clients safe, we don’t overlook low-tech and cost-effective solutions, either.

24/7 Security Operation Center 

Our GSOC is a 24/7/365 force multiplier for our organization. Our specialists speak multiple languages, monitor global events, and coordinate security operations on an average of five different continents each day. The GSOC is truly a fusion center for our organization and is able to quickly assess an incident and escalate to the appropriate stakeholders in an expeditious manner.


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Secure Staffing

Staff Recruitment

We specialize in finding the right people for our clients. It’s not just about qualifications, but ensuring that the potential employee is trustworthy, personable, skilled, and professional. Concentric has worked with our clients to find chefs, nannies, executive assistants, and chiefs of staff. Clients who use Concentric for their residential security also have the opportunity to meet our security agents before they are assigned to learn more about their backgrounds, qualifications, and personalities.

Background Investigations & Subject Interviews

Concentric maintains an extensive, multi-tiered. pre-employment background investigation program. Thorough background investigations are conducted to validate criminal, civil, credit, and education records. Concentric employs government trained investigators and interviewers who verify information provided by the candidate and look for deception or irregularities. All Concentric employees must successfully complete our background investigation program prior to joining our organization.


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