Corporate Security

We believe there is no “one size fits all” model to corporate security. Concentric creates a customized strategies to meet the unique goals of each client. Our highly-capable, diverse team will provide your business with the strategic services you need to stay safe and informed.

Security Operations

Our experts provide proactive and holistic support that have safeguarded some of the most influential executives on all seven continents.

Intelligence Services

Dedicated intelligence analysts offer real-time alerts and detailed assessments of global events that impact people, places, and assets.

Investigation Services

Expert investigators perform pre-employment background checks, conduct due-diligence investigations, and manage complex threat cases.

Cyber Security

Enterprise-level cyber security program development, executive cyber risk audits, personal information management, and mobile device protection.

Embedded Programs

Full-time dedicated professionals for corporations needing specific innovations and
ongoing support.


We perform enterprise-level security assessments, provide top-tier talent, and regular training to security and non-security personnel.

Mexico Expertise Security

Concentric has prepared, safeguarded, and supported some of the most well-known and high-profile executives across Mexico with an office located in Monterrey, Mexico.

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