Digital Privacy

In today’s digital age, threats in cyberspace are more prevalent than ever. Our cyber team works tirelessly to protect corporate teams’ Personally Identifiable Information (PII) by removing it from the internet. In addition to PII removal, we provide credit monitoring, device protection, network encryption, credential management, identity theft protection, and other personalized services to meet your corporate needs.

Keeping you safe in a data-driven world

We Manage Your Digital Footprint

Ensure companies can protect their most critical corporate information and employee PII. We enable greater duty-of-care by removing information that poses risks or can be used in cyberattacks, social engineering, ransomware, targeted activism, doxing, or harassment of employees. We provide customized solutions for corporations of any size and work closely with security teams to ensure efficient and complete coverage.

Cyber Crisis Tabletop

With deep experience in protective operations, threat management, and behavioral analysis, Concentric’s investigators and in-house experts are trained to identify and assess potential indicators of violence.

Ransomware Preparedness

Using specialized tools, we’ll test your current endpoint security by safely running numerous known ransomware strains in your environment. Additionally, we’ll work with you to assess different security controls often lacking in successful ransomware attacks.


We maintain extensive liaison relationships with federal, state, and local law enforcement entities, and have built standing relationships with board certified psychologists who can assess violence risk potential and provide appropriate recommendations to keep our clients safe and secure.

Cyber Audit

What information about your company is easily accessible?

Know Your Cyber Risk Exposure

Do you have concerns about your company’s risk exposure? Concentric’s cyber audit assesses your current risk exposure when it comes to both your privacy and security. The audit is designed to prevent compromise by helping you increase your security posture where it currently falls short.

In this audit, Concentric focuses on assessing 5 areas of risk:

Device Security

Review of current corporate and loT devices.

Network Security

Review of current corporate and loT devices.

ID Theft Prevention

Recommendations on how to properly secure your identity from being compromised.

Online Account Security

Review of all online accounts.

Security & Privacy Policies

Review current policies and based on findings, expand and update.

Cyber Training

Do your employees know safe cyber security practices?

Learn What to Look For

Help get your corporate team on the same page. This training is designed to help your organization receive a common understanding of what is needed from each individual to maintain the organization’s privacy and security. It can also help lay the groundwork for security policies your organization should maintain moving forward.

How to Secure Your Devices

Tips and recommendations on how to properly harden devices.

How to Secure Your Network

Guidance on the best way to configure networks for robust security.

How to Secure Online Accounts& Services

earn how to ensure online accounts are harder to compromise.

Security is our number one priority and is in our minds in everything we do, how we maintain our internal systems, and how we run our internal operations.

Corporate Security

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