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Maritime Services

Concentric curated a team of specialists, offering a unique approach to private maritime security. This specialized program shields superyachts, passengers, and crew from all physical, cyber, and medical security risks in today’s turbulent world.

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24/7 security and medical while you're at sea or docked


Comprised of former USN SEALs, federal law enforcement agents, US military medical professionals, and US government agency technical experts, Concentric provides peace of mind for all your maritime needs.


  • Deployment of appropriate levels of professional physical security when required

  • Vessel security plans and protocols

  • Shoreside security, including port and marina risk assessments, alongside security arrangements, counter-surveillance in higher threat environments

  • Voyage risk assessments and security planning


  • Medical gap analysis and risk planning

  • Telemedicine and medical monitoring

  • Medical referrals and hospital admissions

  • Air medical response and evacuation services globally

  • Custom medical equipment provider


  • Risk assessments and remediation implementation for critical vessel systems

  • Implementation of secure networks and device level security for guests and crew

  • Design, validations, and implementation of a comprehensive cyber security framework

  • Continuous network monitoring for operational vessels

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