End Game First

In a world where crises lurk around every corner, this book is your insurance policy. It's your guide to transparent communication, decisive action, and constant improvement.

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Whether you're a crisis pro or just starting out, "End Game First" will change your game. It's not just a book; it's your ticket to emerging stronger from any challenge.

Like financial management and project planning, crisis navigation is a skill vital for survival, sustainability, and—most importantly—success. No one knows this better than Mike LeFever and Roderick Jones. LeFever is a retired Vice Admiral with leadership experience in high-risk security environments. Jones is a former member of Scotland Yard’s Special Branch and a recognized expert in the security industry. Together they translate their unique experiences in military and corporate life into a framework for navigating crises and anticipating next steps before conflict becomes unsurvivable.

“End Game First” isn’t your typical theoretical read. It’s packed with real-world case studies that offer practical, battle-tested insights. It’s about rolling up your sleeves and getting the job done. In End Game First, you’ll learn how to select a dynamic team, leverage capabilities, and utilize communication principles that stand the test of time. This is your playbook for moving past the perceived inevitable and embracing growth, no matter what comes your way.

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188 Foundation

We believe security is paramount. In times of crisis, personal security can become a privilege, instead of a right. For those individuals left vulnerable due to circumstance or as a result of profound action, we can enable their return to safety.

The 188 Foundation is a direct philanthropy alliance formed by our generous donors, Concentric’s elite network an innate capability, and our carefully curated partners. The Foundation sits within a unique trifurcation of capability, access, and need. Due to our unique position, we believe it’s our moral responsibility and honor to assist those who need it most. Rescuing just one person creates perpetual ripples, affecting many. We inherently know that effort will always be worth it.

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