Family Security Consulting

With deep experience in the bespoke requirements of family offices, our seasoned consultants can assist clients with a broad range of advisory services, from the management of fixated persons and residential security assessments, to evacuation-planning and enterprise-level security program reviews. We have supported some of the largest, most-established family offices, as well as startups. Additionally, we can temporarily embed our consultants in key security roles to cover gaps in recruitment, and deliver specialized training to both security and non-security personnel serving the family.

Security Assessment

Discover what’s working and what needs to be fixed

A Review of Your Security Program

Our programmatic reviews are designed to identify and reinforce successes within your program, while surfacing any gaps and areas for improvement.


Our seasoned consultants will evaluate your company’s threat landscape, physical exposures and existing security measures against best practices and industry benchmarks.


Using specialized search tools, our analysts evaluate your social media footprints, conduct sentiment analysis, surface online disclosure of personal information, and check for exposure


We will provide you with threat-proportional recommendations to improve your physical and digital resilience, and can also support the implementation.


Sharpen your team’s skills

Customized Security Training

Concentric provides training to our internal team members, as well as external dedicated employees and corporate security teams. We give regular briefings on emerging trends, security threats, and the impact on their respective operations.

Security 101

We train non-security personnel, such as front desk receptionists, executive assistants, and office managers, on best personal security practices to safeguard themselves and others.

Active Shooter

We offer active shooter/active threat management training to security and non-security personnel. Our experts teach the principles of Run, Hide, and Fight, as well as tactical first aid.


We provide training on how to use non-violent strategies and techniques to decrease the intensity of a situation by improving communication and decision-making, reducing the need for force, and increasing voluntary compliance.

Family Security Services

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