Family Intelligence Services

Intelligence-led security is essential for effectively managing risk in your family office’s complex threat environment. Concentric’s dedicated research and analysis team has top-tier analytical capabilities and a robust technical toolkit that allow us to provide you much needed intelligence support when you need it most.

Intelligence Reports

Empowering decision makers with the information they need

Providing You With Tailored Support

Concentric’s team is here to support your family office. Whether its strategic considerations for your business, yearly risk assessments of your family and assets, or tactical alerts while you are traveling. The Global Intelligence team leverages our data aggregation tools and analytic techniques to give you a clear and current picture.

Active Monitoring

Real time alerting and threat monitoring of online coverage of executives, employees, and key identified assets and locations.

Periodic Intelligence Reporting

We provide our clients with regular reporting on geopolitical situations, such as global pandemics, election insecurity, and international crisis.

Risk Assessment 132(C)

Our team of experts conduct personal risk assessments that surface any safety or security vulnerabilities in the physical and digital space.

Red Teaming

We connect the dots! We search for the exposure of names, addresses, phone numbers, or associations that would make you more vulnerable to someone trying to make contact in the real world.

Dedicated Analyst

We can provide the support you need with a Dedicated Analyst from our team, that only works on your projects. This is a great way to reduce cost and time, but also leverage Concentric’s experience, tools, training and HR support.

Family Security Services

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