Family Investigations

Concentric provides investigative and global due diligence services for corporations, family offices, high net worth individuals, and private clients. Our team of dedicated professionals leverages decades of experience in corporate investigations and intelligence, skilled in thoroughly gathering facts and uncovering information to help our clients make informed decisions.

We provide support in the investigation and assessment of active or potential threats, providing extensive insight into Persons of Interest and the potential risk they pose.


A critical look into the potential risk

Investigative Research

Concentric offers investigative services on issues of misconduct, harassment, fraud, embezzlement and any other matters or concerns that may arise in your family office.

Our Investigators

With deep experience in protective operations, threat management, and behavioral analysis, Concentric’s investigators and in-house experts are trained to identify and assess potential indicators of violence.

What We Do

We quickly and effectively identify, assess and support efforts to mitigate risks posed by individuals and groups with potentially nefarious motives. Given the heightened level of sensitivity and discretion, we work closely with our clients and provide timely updates as they unfold.


We maintain extensive liaison relationships with federal, state, and local law enforcement entities, and have built standing relationships with board certified psychologists who can assess violence risk potential and provide appropriate recommendations to keep our clients safe and secure.

Due Diligence

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Concentric’s Due Diligence team digs deep to expose financial risks, reputational issues, criminal activity, and legal actions detrimental to our clients’ personal and business stability.

Our Services

Research that covers the full range of issues and most regions of the world, providing our clients with the critical information they need.


We enhance our research through in depth key interviews and on-the-ground source taskings to collect the most reliable and useful information and detail.

Our Knowledge

Concentric understands the business world and the legal and regulatory frameworks in which corporations and privately held companies operate. Our unwavering pursuit of knowledge and productive reporting are driven by abilities our investigators have honed for years.

Background Investigations

A critical look into an employee

Pre-employment Diligence

Through a combination of public records research and interviews, Concentric’s pre-employment diligence and background investigations provide a thorough review of senior executives, employees, partners, third-party agents, and others.

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Name Trace

Our Name Trace report is an open-source online name and likeness trace of an individual, which includes a national criminal and court records search; a search of Interpol; a National Sex Offender Registry check; and a records search of the Office of Foreign Asset Control’s Specially Designated Nationals and Blocked Persons List.

Vendor Due Diligence

Our investigative approach to due diligence for companies, vendors, suppliers, distributors, customers or other entities is similar to that of individuals, with an emphasis on gathering information of an entity’s business operations and reputation.

Strategic Vetting

We complement our open-source research by conducting background checks and interviews with references and off-list references to develop insights on a person’s character and background. In cases where a position may have access to sensitive information or assets, our former CIA or FBI polygraphers can interview the candidate, which often helps to clarify any outstanding questions or concerns emerging from the background investigation.

Family Security Services

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