Family Protection Agents

Our premier agents have safeguarded some of the most well-known and influential individuals on all seven continents. Our proactive and holistic approach to your security provides you with peace of mind – the ultimate luxury.

Residential Security Agents

Keeping your family safe

A Dedicated Team for Your Protection

Residential Security Agents (RSA) are committed to you and your family with their exceptional safety and security services. Our team of professionals conduct regular patrols and are in direct contact with Concentric’s 24/7 operations center. Agents are trained in first aid, and can contact first responders for any life safety emergency.


Residential Security Agents typically have previous military, law enforcement, or medical experience and are dedicated to your estate.


Our agents receive ongoing tactical, medical, first aid, and firearms training in accordance with company and regulatory requirements.

Operations Center

Concentric’s Global Security Operations Center (GSOC) monitors for life safety situations in the vicinity of your estate and alerts the RSAs when necessary.

Executive Protection Agents

Protecting families at home and away

Everyday Protection

Our Executive Protection Agents (EP) provide a direct physical security presence while you travel domestically and internationally. Our EPs have extensive training and experience protecting VIPs around the world. Our security packages are tailored to the specific needs of our clients to ensure their continual comfort and safety.

Close Protection

Always present. Always discreet. Our agents work diligently to keep our clients safe at home, at the office, and while traveling.

Armed Services

Our agents are licensed and certified to operate in either an armed or unarmed capacity based on the client’s preference.

Personal Services

In addition to their security duties, our agents regularly assist with daily errands and administrative tasks.

Family Security Services

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