Our Commitment

Our vision is to be recognized as the most innovative, capable, and trusted security management partner in the world. We not only bring top-quality services to our clients, but we do so in a way that is sustainable for our planet.

Our Mission

Less Trace. More Impact.

Concentric views sustainability as a global security challenge and we are determined to do everything we can to help. By greening our business and zeroing out our carbon emissions, we minimize our environmental trace. By deploying our security and intelligence expertise on the frontlines of environmental protection, we maximize our positive impact.

-Concentric’s Green Team

Climate Pledge Logo

Challenge Accepted

Concentric recognizes the urgency and scale of the challenge climate change poses to all of us, and the need to take significant action to address it. Concentric has said #challengeaccepted to The Climate Pledge and its more than 400 signatories. In accepting this challenge, we are committing to achieve net-zero carbon by 2040 or sooner. As we are already a Carbon Neutral business, Concentric expects to achieve net-zero well before 2040 and will soon begin publicly reporting our progress.

A Carbon Neutral Business

The Climate Pledge is not our first effort to take responsibility for our carbon emissions. Back in 2019, Concentric completed an extensive audit of the ways in which the company emits CO2. After reducing avoidable scope 1 & 2 emissions, we then teamed up with Carbonfund.org to offset our unavoidable emissions from areas like commuting, travel, and office energy consumption. We are proud to have been the first security company in the United States to become carbon neutral and have committed to sustaining this effort as we grow.

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A Certified Green Business

Of course being a green business is not all about your carbon emissions. It’s also about your broader environmental impact. Concentric is proud to be a Platinum Member of the Green Business Bureau, having implemented numerous initiatives to reduce the trace of our business operations on the environment. These include composting, recycling, and energy efficiency. Having established a paid volunteering policy, our employees look for ways Concentric can engage in local community conservation and grow as a green security company. Concentric is also on the GBB’s Members’ Advisory Council, which is helping shape the organization’s growth.

Joining the Green Battle-Making an impact on the front lines

Since 2017, Concentric has been working with forest rangers in Central America to amplify their conservation efforts with technology, training, and strategic advice. Having proved that our innovative approach can make a real difference, we are pursuing new ways to fund the expansion of our environmental security work. We are strongly committed to growing our portfolio of environmental security projects and hope to generate high quality carbon credits from these projects.