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For over a decade, we have supported clients in some of the world’s fastest growing industries to successfully solve security challenges. We believe there is no boiler plate solution for security, and we collaborate with clients to provide services that fit seamlessly into their personal lives and work environments.

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Concentric Advisors™


We believe there is no “one size fits all” model to corporate security. Concentric creates a customized strategies to meet the unique goals of each client. Our highly-capable, diverse team will provide your business with the strategic services you need to stay safe and informed.

Family Office

Concentric has supported private family offices for high-net-worth clients for almost two decades. As thought partners and trusted advisors, we provide more than just a security service to our network of family offices.

Law Firm

Concentric provides litigation, investigative, and due diligence support for law firms on a range of civil and criminal matters, covering most regions of the world.


Providing intelligence services to rangers fighting deforestation, secure vaccinators working to eradicate global epidemics, and monitor geopolitical developments that could impact on-the-ground development operations.


Concentric is trusted to advise and support critical national security missions. With decades of experience in special operations, investigations, and intelligence, Concentric has the skillset and capacity to safeguard our nation from those who wish to do harm.


This specialized program shields superyachts, passengers, and crew from all physical, cyber, and medical security risks in today’s turbulent world.