Travel Risk Management

What you’re doing is of crucial importance. Don’t let security negatively impact or impede your progress. Let us assist you in your travel risk management needs, whatever they may be.


Empowering decision makers with the information they need

Providing You With Tailored Reports

We specialize in travel risk assessments to help clients mitigate potential risks related to travel, whether by air, land or sea. These reports can explore factors like terrorism, crime, political instability, and operational concerns like flight path and yacht best practices.

Open Source Intelligence Monitoring

Through multi-source research of the surface web, as well as the deep and dark web, our team delivers insight and proactively monitors for threats.

Travel Risk Assessment Program

Our team of experts conduct personal risk assessments that surface any safety or security vulnerabilities in the physical and digital space.

Geopolitical Risk Assessments

We provide our clients with regular reporting on geopolitical situations, such as global pandemics, election insecurity, and international crisis.

Travel Cybersecurity Risk Reports

You are at risk of being targeting by cybercriminals when traveling

Know Your Cyber Footprint Abroad

Travelers are often in possession of devices which store critical information that is of high value to their organization, and therefore to cyber threat actors. These attacks can lead to reputational and financial loss for the traveler and their organization. This risk, while ever-present, varies based on the individual, their organization, and the country they are visiting.

Region Risk

Different countries have different travel risk levels. Concentric keeps up to date reports for you to know what you need to be aware of.

Prevent Becoming a Victim

Easy do’s and do not’s to prevent you from becoming a victim of a cyber crime while traveling.

I’ve Become a Victim

Read our list of action items you need to immediately implement if you’ve become a victim of a cyber crime while traveling.

Non-Profit Security

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