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Concentric provides full-time dedicated professionals for individuals and family offices facing unique threats. Our program includes intelligence, security, and specialized support services for sensitive private protection. We access our top-tier network to provide talent that will seamlessly blend with your environment, supported by Concentric’s Human Resources and internal program management, networking, and training.


Staying aware of potential risks


Concentric professionals specialize in building intelligence solutions for unique family needs. Leveraging our deep expertise in personal security, geopolitical tracking, and private-sector investigations, we work to identify areas of risk, opportunity, and growth. Concentric supports a variety of embedded intelligence teams dedicated to event analysis, protective intelligence, investigative services, open source monitoring, travel awareness, and deep and dark web analysis.


Our teams are trained to track emerging and ongoing events to maintain awareness of threats to your personal information and safety, providing critical background information for security support. We ensure our intelligence team members feel supported and connected to new tools and professionals in the field.


Concentric professionals use public and private sector experience to produce concise, actionable reporting to you and your team.  We hold networking events and training sessions to build the relationships and skills needed to respond to an ever-changing threat environment.


Threat actors use increasingly sophisticated methods to access sensitive information. Our team members have unique technical skills to assess and mitigate risk emanating from notoriously difficult to track areas of the deep and dark web.


Comprehensive solutions for home and travel


Concentric provides customized security solutions tailored to each individual’s risk profile. Our embedded professionals build and assist client security teams with access control, emergency response, and overall risk management to ensure families can go about their lives safely.


We provide a variety of professionals to help create, operate, and monitor security for homes and transportation. Our employees seamlessly integrate with your life to advise and ensure protection against threats.


Our embedded teams provide discreet, comprehensive executive protection and residential support for you and your family.  We provide licensed guards certified in tactical and medical response.


Our security professionals help identify and mitigate risks; assessing threats and vulnerabilities to develop standard operating procedures and security infrastructure updates. We emphasize de-escalation in response to conflict, while maintaining the necessary knowledge, skills, and professionalism to address any scenario.


Creative solutions for risk mitigation


Sometimes you need something new, a position that fits your specific needs, gets to the root of a problem, or provides foundational services.  Our specialized support services focus on professionals with specific skills in crisis control, family office management, transportation, and other unique needs.


Concentric experts will work with you to target your needs, developing specific job descriptions and identifying the best professional support to keep your world running smoothly.


Like all of our embedded services, our specialized programs have the advantage of Concentric’s internal networking and training to stay attuned to emerging threats and technologies.  Our management teams provide prompt performance management and employee support.


You know what you need, and you need the best.  Our goal is to provide professionals that merge seamlessly with your team in any capacity, representing Concentric excellence with confidentiality and discretion.

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