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We deal with a world where threats are constantly changing. Concentric is a risk management firm that provides security services and intelligence solutions to keep people safe worldwide, specializing in HNW Family Offices, Corporate, and Non-Profit holistic security solutions. In 2021, we founded our 501(c) 188 Foundation to support individuals left vulnerable because in times of crisis, personal security can become a privilege, instead of a right.


188 Foundation

We believe security is paramount. In times of crisis, personal security can become a privilege, instead of a right. For those individuals left vulnerable due to circumstance or as a result of profound action, we can enable their return to safety.

The 188 Foundation is a direct philanthropy alliance formed by our generous donors, Concentric’s elite network an innate capability, and our carefully curated partners. The Foundation sits within a unique trifurcation of capability, access, and need. Due to our unique position, we believe it’s our moral responsibility and honor to assist those who need it most. Rescuing just one person creates perpetual ripples, affecting many. We inherently know that effort will always be worth it.


Less Trace. More Impact.

Concentric views sustainability as a global security challenge and we are determined to do everything we can to help.

Our vision is to be recognized as the most innovative, capable, and trusted security management partner in the world. We not only bring top-quality services to our clients, but we do so in a way that is sustainable for our planet.

In addition, we deploy our security and intelligence expertise on the frontlines of environmental protection to maximize our positive impact. Since 2017, Concentric has been working with forest rangers in Central America to amplify their conservation efforts with technology, training, and strategic advice.

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Roderick Jones

Executive Chairman

Roderick began his career with Scotland Yard’s Special Branch focused on international terrorism and the close protection of a prominent British cabinet member. Following his move to San Francisco, Roderick founded Concentric and served as CEO for seven years. His work during this period included the design and delivery of comprehensive security programs for a number of high-growth Silicon Valley companies.

Mike LeFever

Chief Executive Officer

Vice Admiral (Ret.) Mike LeFever, USN, has over 45 years of public and private sector leadership in high risk, complex security environments. Mike’s success at the intersection of risk, leadership, and technology stems from his experience and expertise in leading disaster relief and humanitarian efforts, the full spectrum of warfare operations, and counterterrorism and counterinsurgency operations. Renowned for building high performance teams, his leadership was directly responsible for numerous significant achievements that protected and enhanced the national security of the United States and private sector growth and profitability.

Jeff Baker


Jeff joined Concentric in 2010 and became President in 2021, having served previously as EVP and VP of Security Operations. During his career Jeff has managed a variety of complex and sensitive security operations domestically and internationally. Prior to joining Concentric, Jeff served in the U.S. Army for 4 years and for the USG for 12 years, including multiple overseas tours.

Jim Morgan

Chief Security Officer

Jim brings more than two decades of experience in developing comprehensive security programs and risk mitigation strategies for high-profile individuals, organizations, and large scale domestic and international events. His experience includes operating in high risk environments spanning six continents. Prior to joining Concentric, Jim served more than twenty-four years in the United States Secret Service.

Casey Allen

Chief Information Officer

Casey leads the Information Technology team at Concentric with an emphasis on cybersecurity and digital privacy. His experience has spanned the public, private, and non-profit sectors including military service in the U.S. Marine Corps and a variety of startup, SMB, and Fortune 500 companies. He has implemented and maintained information systems on five continents including multiple deployments to combat theaters in the Middle East.

Laura Hoffner

Chief Impact Officer

Laura assumed the Chief Impact Officer role in December 2023 after being part of the Concentric team since 2020. As Impact Officer, Laura coordinates and spearheads our internal and external social and environmental impact efforts as well as the company’s 501(c)3, The 188 Foundation. Laura utilizes her unique range of crisis and security experience from 14 years as a Naval Intelligence Officer supporting elite special operations in combat zones and diplomatic opportunities around the world. Laura is also on the HostageUS Board of Advisors, supporting hostages/wrongful detainees and their families.