Worldwide Travel Hotspots

Concentric understands that the world is dynamic. Situations can escalate suddenly or fester slowly into an armed conflict. You may encounter events that are predictable, like the yearly US Open tennis tournament, or suddenly like Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. Concentric’s Hotspot report can provide you visibility into frequently traveled locations around the world, as well as those that rise to significance suddenly and can impact your travel.

Worldwide Hotspots_AUG 2023

For a more detailed travel risk assessment of these locations, or any other area of interest, please contact Concentric.

Intelligence-led security is essential for effectively managing risk in a complex threat environment. Concentric’s background in national security enables us to leverage cutting edge intelligence methodologies to improve our clients’ ability to detect threats and manage risk. Concentric’s in-house research and analysis team has top-tier analytical capabilities and a robust technical toolkit.

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