Despite Ongoing Preparations, Paris Olympics Remains a Security Challenge–How to Prepare and Stay Safe

Paris Olympic Security Challenge
June 13, 2024


The slogan for the 2024 Summer Olympic Games in Paris – “Games Wide Open” –  is meant to encapsulate an inclusive and equitable spirit, and the slogan is reflected in the unprecedented open-air ceremonies held along the Seine River. However, this also leaves the Games and guests open to unique security challenges. Concentric’s corporate intelligence analysts are closely monitoring security preparations and assess the Paris Olympics remain at risk of terrorism, cyberattacks, and civil unrest:

  • The French government published an interactive map portraying the security zones surrounding the opening ceremonies, designed to mitigate the terrorism threat. Individuals must present their virtual Game Pass and valid ID to enter the Opening Ceremonies.
    • Anti-terrorism measures will apply to buildings along the Opening Ceremonies route, meaning people who work and live there and their guests will be subjected to background security checks.
  • Analysts expect cyberattack attempts to be 10 times higher than at the last Olympic Games and may include attacks aimed at stealing sensitive data, disrupting critical infrastructure, sabotaging operations, extorting money, or spreading propaganda and misinformation.
    • Russian disinformation campaigns targeting the Olympics seek to spread fear of violence at the Games and undermine French authorities for their support of Ukraine. 
  • The French government awarded “Olympics Bonuses” to transportation workers to avert potential strikes during the Games. Other public sector workers, such as hospital workers and trash collectors, have also threatened to strike during the Olympics. 
  • The International Olympic Committee stated France’s recently called snap-elections starting June 30 will not affect the Games, though there are concerns the vote could lead to political instability in the event of a major upset. 

Concentric makes the following recommendations for those attending the Summer Olympic Games:

  • Travelers should carry contact information for French emergency services and their local embassies in the event of a large-scale attack. Arrive early at events to avoid large lines that may be targeted.
  • Attendees should establish emergency plans with travel companions to include rendez-vous locations. Share itineraries with friends or family at home and conduct regular check-ins. Keep a photocopy of passports in a safe location and digital passport copies backed up on the cloud. 
  • Visitors should prepare for potential cyber disruptions by securely carrying or storing hard copies of tickets, credentials, identification, and cash. Avoid connecting to public Wi-Fi and use a Virtual Private Network (VPN).
  • Attendees should plan multiple routes and travel methods in the event of major transportation worker strikes. Regularly consult local news for potential travel disruptions.
  • Travelers should bring prescribed medication with a doctor’s note to avoid potentially long waits at health facilities. 

Concentric assesses the security risks at the Olympic Games will persist throughout the games, though the Opening Ceremonies are at greatest risk due to the size of the gathering and the open-air nature of the event. Threats may increase in the event of major changes to the conflicts in Ukraine and the Middle East. 

How Can Concentric Help? 

Concentric’s team of intelligence analysts and security professionals are closely monitoring the upcoming Olympics and tracking ongoing developments. Our team of experts is ready to assist you with any of your security needs. 

  • Intelligence Support: Our team of dedicated analysts can author periodic updates and travel risk assessments to help you plan for, and monitor any developments during your travel for the Games.
  • Security Operations: Executive protection agents can protect you, your business operations, and important events in Paris and the surrounding areas during the Olympics. We can also provide evacuation assistance if it becomes necessary. 
  • Cyber Protection. Eclipse by Concentric™ can remove unwanted personal identifiable information from tracking websites which can be used to target you, your family, and your staff, including as you plan upcoming business and travel ventures in Paris.

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