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Concentric Advisors™ has an experienced, in-house team of security and intelligence professionals who work with the best international security resources to provide unrivaled global coverage. Our diverse history of leadership in national security, law enforcement, military special operations, academia, Fortune 500 corporations, and global non-profits allows us to collaborate and solve complex challenges with innovative solutions.

Your Journey with Concentric Advisors™

For over a decade, we have supported clients in some of the world’s fastest growing industries to successfully solve security challenges. We believe there is no boiler plate solution for security, and we collaborate with clients to provide services that fit seamlessly into their personal lives and work environments.

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Roderick Jones

Executive Chairman

Roderick began his career with Scotland Yard’s Special Branch focused on international terrorism and the close protection of a prominent British cabinet member. Following his move to San Francisco, Roderick founded Concentric and served as CEO for seven years. His work during this period included the design and delivery of comprehensive security programs for a number of high-growth Silicon Valley companies.

Mike LeFever

Chief Executive Officer

Vice Admiral (Ret.) Mike LeFever, USN, has over 45 years of public and private sector leadership in high risk, complex security environments. Mike’s success at the intersection of risk, leadership, and technology stems from his experience and expertise in leading disaster relief and humanitarian efforts, the full spectrum of warfare operations, and counterterrorism and counterinsurgency operations. Renowned for building high performance teams, his leadership was directly responsible for numerous significant achievements that protected and enhanced the national security of the United States and private sector growth and profitability.

Jeff Baker


Jeff joined Concentric in 2010 and became President in 2021, having served previously as EVP and VP of Security Operations. During his career Jeff has managed a variety of complex and sensitive security operations domestically and internationally. Prior to joining Concentric, Jeff served in the U.S. Army for 4 years and for the USG for 12 years, including multiple overseas tours.

Jim Morgan

Chief Security Officer

Jim brings more than two decades of experience in developing comprehensive security programs and risk mitigation strategies for high-profile individuals, organizations, and large scale domestic and international events. His experience includes operating in high risk environments spanning six continents. Prior to joining Concentric, Jim served more than twenty-four years in the United States Secret Service.

Casey Allen

Chief Information Officer

Casey leads the Information Technology team at Concentric with an emphasis on cybersecurity and digital privacy. His experience has spanned the public, private, and non-profit sectors including military service in the U.S. Marine Corps and a variety of startup, SMB, and Fortune 500 companies. He has implemented and maintained information systems on five continents including multiple deployments to combat theaters in the Middle East.

Laura Hoffner

Chief Impact Officer

Laura assumed the Chief Impact Officer role in December 2023 after being part of the Concentric team since 2020. As Impact Officer, Laura coordinates and spearheads our internal and external social and environmental impact efforts as well as the company’s 501(c)3, The 188 Foundation. Laura utilizes her unique range of crisis and security experience from 14 years as a Naval Intelligence Officer supporting elite special operations in combat zones and diplomatic opportunities around the world. Laura is also on the HostageUS Board of Advisors, supporting hostages/wrongful detainees and their families.

Christian Moore

Vice President, Risk Consulting

Christian leads our security consulting business, which delivers a range of strategic advisory and solution-design services for private, corporate and philanthropic clients. Adept at creative problem-solving, he has tapped into over 37 years of military and commercial risk management experience when consulting on projects as diverse as enterprise risk assessments and rainforest protection. Christian is passionate about environmental security and also leads the Concentric Green Team in their mission to minimize and offset the negative impacts of our business.

Lindsay Mayer

Vice President, Human Resources

By way of our guiding principles: Integrity, Collaboration, Relationships, Excellence, Creativity, and Results, our HR team supports recruiting, compliance, and the Concentric employee experience. Since joining Concentric in 2018, Lindsay has led Concentric’s Human Resources team with a clear focus to promote, encourage, and nurture the company’s mission, vision, and culture. Focused on supporting all employees through their life cycle with Concentric, Lindsay brings her extensive private industry focused experience in strategic management, employee relations and business operations.

Eric Jergenson

Senior Director of Security Operations

Eric is a trusted leader with 26 years of federal law enforcement service. He brings a proven track record of success overseeing high value projects and strategic transformations.He is a firm believer in relationships, collaboration, and teamwork. His experience includes subject matter expertise in areas of international and domestic terrorism, and he has traveled extensively throughout the world in support of related investigative and intervention effots. Prior to joining Concentric, Eric served nearly 20 years with the Federal Bureau of Investigation as a Special Agent and Field Supervisor.

Sandy Romeu

Director of Embedded Programs

Sandy moved into the Embedded Programs Director role after serving a year as an Account Manager for embedded intelligence services. Sandy utilizes her extensive background in intelligence and security to bring creative and innovative solutions to Concentric clients. Sandy has over 20 years of intelligence and security experience garnered from her time at the FBI Counterterrorism Division and U.S. Army Special Operations Command, where she supported complex, high-risk global operations including hostage recovery, direct action counterterrorism missions, and counterintelligence activities.

Jennifer Wysocki

Director of Background Investigations

Jennifer became the Director of Background Investigations in 2022 after leading the program since 2014. During her time with Concentric, Jennifer has managed a team of highly-skilled interviewers and investigators, covering background check cases for our clients around the world. Prior to joining Concentric, Jennifer served for 8 years in the United States Government.

Mike Bachich

Director of Protective Operations

Mike brings a proven track record of supporting and staffing Executive Protection needs for high-net-worth individuals, family offices and CEOs both domestically and internationally. Mike has a strong understanding of tactics and security needs in relation to executive protection.

Prior to joining Concentric, Mike has over two decades of experience ranging from serving in the 75th Ranger Regiment, Law Enforcement, Executive Protection, and High Threat Protection in support of the Department of State in Afghanistan.

Yari McBride

Director of Global Intelligence

Yari leads the Global Intelligence Team at Concentric. She brings two decades of experience in strategic and tactical intelligence, supporting the world’s most elite in counterrorism operations all over the world. Over the past 20 years, she spent over 10 tours overseas supporting combat operations.

Justin Clark

Director of Growth

Justin leads strategic growth efforts for Concentric. Prior to Concentric Justin led sales and business development efforts across a range of industries for organizations from startups to Fortune 500 companies. Justin also worked in security and political risk consulting where he focused on the energy sector, Iraq development and Mexico security issues. Justin has assisted both corporate and private clients globally on a host of duty of care, security and investigation related matters. Prior to his corporate career Justin served in the101st Airborne Division and the 75th Ranger Regiment, where he led infantry and special operations forces and joint teams of varying sizes on multiple deployments to Iraq and Afghanistan. Justin holds an MA in Economics and Security Studies from Johns Hopkins School for Advanced International Studies and also obtained an MBA from the University of Texas Business School.

Monica Small

Director of Marketing and Strategic Growth

Monica manages marketing, brand strategy, and business development event planning for Concentric. Utilizing her 10+ years of experience, she brings project management, big-picture thinking, creativity, and a healthy obsession for analytics to the excitement of the private security and intelligence field.

Honorable Sue Gordon

Former Principal Deputy Director of National Intelligence

Sue has served as the Director of CACI International since April 2020. Prior to joining CACI, she served for over three decades in the Intelligence Community, including as Principal Deputy Director of National Intelligence, Deputy Director of the National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency, and 27 years at the Central Intelligence Agency. During her time at the Agency, she rose to senior executive positions in each of the Agency’s four directorates: operations, analysis, science and technology, and support. She is the recipient of numerous government and industry awards, including the Distinguished Intelligence Medal and the Distinguished Presidential Rank Award.

Mike Rogers

US Admiral (Retired) and former CDR CYBERCOM/NSA

Mike retired from the Navy in 2018 after rising to the rank of four star admiral.  He culminated his career with a four plus year stint serving simultaneously as Commander, U.S. Cyber Command and Director, National Security Agency – creating the U.S. Department of Defense’s (DoD) then newest large war fighting organization and leading the U.S. government’s largest intelligence organization.  In those roles he worked extensively with the leadership of the U.S. government, the DoD, and the U.S. Intelligence community as well as their international counterparts in the conduct of cyber and intelligence activity across the globe.  He also assisted in the development of national and international policy with respect to cyber, intelligence and technology – including extensive work with corporate leadership in the finance, IT, telecommunications and technology sectors.

Mike is a graduate of Auburn University and also holds a Masters of Science in National Security.  He is a distinguished graduate of the National war College and a graduate of highest distinction from the Naval War College.  He is also an MIT Seminar XXI fellow and a Harvard Senior Executive in National Security alum.

Suzanne Kelly

CEO & Publisher of The Cipher Brief

Suzanne Kelly is Founder, CEO & Publisher of The Cipher Brief, a national security focused media organization. Kelly is also founder of The Cyber Initiatives Group, a group of leading cyber experts that applies broad national security expertise to the cyber challenge. In addition to TCB and CIG, Kelly also produces The Cipher Brief’s Annual Threat Conference. She is a former CNN Intelligence Correspondent and Executive Producer.

Michael Schrage

Fellow at MIT

Michael has served as a researcher at MIT for over three decades and a Visiting Scholar in the Imperial College Department of Innovation and Entrepreneurship for over one decade. He has advised segments of the national security community on cyberconflict and cybersecurity issues. He has also served as an advisor on innovation issues and investments to major firms, including Mars, Procter & Gamble, Google, Intel, BT, Siemens, NASDAQ, IBM, and Alcoa. Michael has been a contributor to such prestigious publications as the Harvard Business Review, Sloan Management Review, the Financial Times, The Wall Street Journal, strategy+business, IEEE Software, and the Design Management Journal.

Andrew Brear

Founding Director, Othrys Limited

An expert in cross-cultural communication, intelligence/security capability building and the
cyber/technical security operational dimension, Andy lectures at several UK and European universities and is an Honorary Fellow of the Security and Strategy Institute at Exeter University. Andy has delivered technical security and intelligence capability building, mentoring, and advisory services to governments in Europe, the Middle East, East Africa and the Gulf.

Currently, his consultancy advises both governments and government partners, including
several major international companies, on solving complex national security challenges.
These include national security strategy validation, cyber defence, strategic communication and intelligence management.

Andy has over 20 years of experience as a British diplomat specialising in intelligence and security. Serving in various operational, liaison and leadership roles, he was deployed to Pakistan and Afghanistan several times between 1999 and 2011 and held diplomatic posts in Northern and Southern Europe, Latin America, and South Asia. In the late 1990s, Andy was seconded to the Ministry of Defence in a counter-terrorism operational role and later to GCHQ as an operational adviser. Andy also served for 11 years in the British military, in infantry and intelligence roles, in NATO, Europe, Central America, Germany and Africa.